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Aims and Objectives

1. To uphold the Constitution of India and the representative, free and democratic form of the Government and to uphold and promote the Rule of Law;

2. To promote the science of Jurisprudence and to encourage and conduct research and investigations in legal and allied fields:

3. To promote the reforms of the administration of justice and of law and its healthy development, suitable to the social, economic and other needs of the people;

4. To promote uniformity of the legislation and of the judicial decisions throughout the country;

5. To uphold the honour, dignity and the independence of the Bar and the Bench;

6. To assist the Bar in upholding its rights and the dignity in its relations with the executive, judiciary and legislation;

7. To apply the knowledge and the experience in the field of law for the promotion of the public good;

8. To promote and protect the privileges, interest and prestige of the Association and to promote union and co-operation and solidarity among the Advocates practicing in different Courts;

9. To take measures for the provision of free legal aid to the poor and the establishment and maintenance of a system of prompt and efficient legal advice for persons irrespective of their income;

10. To coordinate with the non-governmental organizations, government organizations, statutory organizations, international organizations to disseminate, impart knowledge or legal education to the pubic at large;

11. To improve the standard of legal education in India;

12. To establish legal institutions and ancillary institutions throughout India;

13. To set up a code of professional conduct, discipline and etiquette;

14. To improve relations and cooperation between the Bar and the Bench, between the Bar and the public, and between the Indian Bar and the lawyers and the Bar of other countries;

15. To take measures with a view to provide an efficient system of law reporting and promote publication of works on law;

16. To work in cooperation with other societies, institutions and organizations, (national or international) in the pursuit of all or any of the above aims and objects;

17. To promote, organize and participate in All-India or International organizations of lawyers and judges;

18. To constitute or cause to be constituted State level "State Bar Association" in every State and "Union Territory Bar Association" in every Union Territory of India to promote the activities of the Association;

19. To conduct and hold seminars, symposia, conferences, rallies, and to carry out protests in any manner on issues and topics of interest to the legal profession and the Bench and the public at large;

20. To publish newspapers, magazines, periodicals, publication of articles, treaties, books, reports and other literature etc; and also to publish monthly magazine "INDIAN BAR MAGAZINE".

21. To establish and maintain a library or libraries;

22. To launch website;

23. Without prejudice to the generality of the above objects and for the effective carrying out the same, the Association shall have the power to acquire, receive and hold property of any kind, including securities and negotiable instruments, to construct and maintain buildings, including the right to alter or improve them and to equip them suitably, to manage, to transfer, or otherwise dispose of the property of any kind belonging to the Association;

24. To enter into contracts for and in connection with, any of the purposes of the Association, to raise monies and funds in such manner as may be deemed fit, for and on behalf of the Association;

25. To take measures, including funding and applying of funds for aid to deserving advocates and its employees;

26. To take measures to provide for financial aid to the members of the Bar in strained circumstances and to members of their families on their death or in any incapacity;

27. To provide group insurance and other welfare schemes meant for the lawyers; 28. to do all such things and to perform all such acts as may be necessary or proper for the achieving of any or all of the above objects;

President of India
Vice President of India
Prime Minister of India
Lok Sabha Speaker
Law Minister of India
Home Minister of India
Law Officers of India
Ministry of Law and Justice
National Human Rights Comn.
Law Commission of India
Nat. Cons. Dis. Red. Comn.
National Judicial Academy
Indian Law Institute
Judges Association of India
Bar Council of India
Indian Council of Jurists
Indian Legal Info. Inst.
Supreme Court Bar Assn.
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Supreme Court of India
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Central Admin. Tribunal
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